Friday, August 23, 2013

My Top 10 Pins for the Week...

So I'm probably the only one in the whole entire world obsessed with Pinterest, right?  ha!  Who else has a love for this site?  Has it taken the place of your magazine cutouts and cork dream boards?  Well for me, not 100%.  I'm still a "I want to feel it in my hand" type of person.  I know, bad habit, but I'm getting better...I'm now moving toward electronic clutter :) 

One of my thoughts for my new blog was to do a weekly roundup showing 10 of my favorite pins for the week!  It was so hard to narrow down, but I hope you enjoy this and please share your pins with me!!


  1. Grey and white chevron this!  Definitely need to add it to my closet!
  2. Necklace with engraved writing...another love!  Want to find something my dad wrote and try this out.
  3. I have looked at these boots from Spool 72!  Are they great or what?!
  4. I have a complete obsession with white kitchens with pops of color, and this one definitely meets the criteria!
  5. Yum...need I say more??
  6. Football season is just around the corner and these nails look adorable!  I may try it out...whether you'll see a picture depends on if my right hand looks like I painted it with my left or not ;)
  7. Reclaimed doors as stair railing...genius!
  8. An organized closet is something we hope to have in the near future...checking out different layouts and designs...can't wait to get it finished!  Then I get to buy new clothes to fill it up, right??
  9. I have wanted to make a wreath for years now, and I think this will be my year!  Going to use this as inspiration...keep on the lookout for a picture!
  10. And something to make you laugh...I "lol'd" for real when I read this...too funny!
So that's my top 10 pins of the week...if you want to view details of these pins, or see all of the others I've pinned, please click on the Pinterest button on the top left corner of my page. Happy pinning!!!

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